Social Media on the NC500

These last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, we’ve had enquiries from all over the planet and from some well known people and Social media on the NC500 has been brought bang up to date with one of our clients.

This week saw ‘Gomez’ ( yes we name our vans ) go out with a social media guru from Copenhagen, Anthony Bogdan creates images for hundreds of thousands of followers of his Instagram account.  He captures amazing images from wherever he travels, we will be publishing some of these images very soon but for a preview of the type of stuff he does you can follow his Instagram page ‘ Anthony Bogdan’.

We also have been in contact with a certain world breaking round the world cyclist looking for a motorhome for another world breaking record attempt, unfortunatley we have no availability but hopefully we will have the chance to work together in the future. Good luck to him in this next chapter of his adventure.

We thought it would be of great benefit to all our clients if you could message us with all the high points of your adventure on the NC500, there are so many great places that we would love to be able to share them with you all.  A few personel favourites of mine incude the pie shop at Lochinver, oh boy the pies are sooo good.  the beach at Achmelvic is simply out of this world, you could be on the med or the carribean and whats not to love about the surfing at Thurso.  We would also love to see all some of your images for us to share on our social media.  Motorhome rental Scotland

We still have some availability for the summer months but we are filling up quickly, so give us a call to begin your own exciting adventure on Scotlands stunning North Coast 500.