New addition to the fleet

The New Year has brought with it a flurry of new enquiries so rather than disappoint we thought we would expand our fleet further. We decided to start looking at various options of motorhomes but realised fairly quickly that the tried and tested Rollerteam range offers the best for our clients, large living area, ample storage, quality kitchen facilities, bike racking and a large garage area all add to motorhome experience.

We decided to plump for the Zefiro 685.  The layout of this motorhome is exceptional, it offers great accommodation for families or for one or  two couples.  The two single beds at the rear can easily be converted into a large double but that is not the best thing about it, glance up in the lounge area and you will see a shiny button, a turn of the key and a push on the down switch and like magic another double bed is lowered from the roof. This clever design means that there is far more living area than in previous models, the result of more living area is that both bedrooms can be separated by a screen with both rooms having access to the washroom.

I for one am super excited and can’t wait to test her out.