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Motorhome Rental for the North Coast 500 in Scotland

Social Media on the NC500

These last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, we’ve had enquiries from all over the planet and from some well known people and Social media on the NC500 has been brought bang up to date with one of our clients.

This week saw ‘Gomez’ ( yes we name our vans ) go out with a social media guru from Copenhagen, Anthony Bogdan creates images for hundreds of thousands of followers of his Instagram account.  He captures amazing images from wherever he travels, we will be publishing some of these images very soon but for a preview of the type of stuff he does you can follow his Instagram page ‘ Anthony Bogdan’.

We also have been in contact with a certain world breaking round the world cyclist looking for a motorhome for another world breaking record attempt, unfortunatley we have no availability but hopefully we will have the chance to work together in the future. Good luck to him in this next chapter of his adventure.

We thought it would be of great benefit to all our clients if you could message us with all the high points of your adventure on the NC500, there are so many great places that we would love to be able to share them with you all.  A few personel favourites of mine incude the pie shop at Lochinver, oh boy the pies are sooo good.  the beach at Achmelvic is simply out of this world, you could be on the med or the carribean and whats not to love about the surfing at Thurso.  We would also love to see all some of your images for us to share on our social media.  Motorhome rental Scotland

We still have some availability for the summer months but we are filling up quickly, so give us a call to begin your own exciting adventure on Scotlands stunning North Coast 500.

Busy time

Since the start of the year we have been inundated with enquiries, and its really interesting just how far we have managed to reach.  We have clients looking to book from France, Denmark and even as far afield as Hong Kong as well as south of the border and indeed a few from bonnie Scotland. I knew the route was growing in popularity but I never knew by just how much.

We will now be spending the next couple of months preparing for all those bookings, making sure the motorhomes are in tip top shape, all the systems are tested and the safety certificates are up to date. We pride ourselves that the motorhomes are clean and ready for clients to make the most of what a motorhome holiday can offer.

We are so lucky here in Scotland to have so much to see and do with so much history.  I was out running my local trails yesterday in the shadow of Roslin chapel  ( the image is from the trail that runs alongside the chapel)and it got me round to thinking of just how much time you would need to see all of Scotland’s hotspots. Edinburgh alone would take some time to investigate before you head north or before you see the stunning Scottish borders. Having grown up here and toured extensively I am hopefully in the position of being able to point clients to the best sights within their time frame.


New addition to the fleet

The New Year has brought with it a flurry of new enquiries so rather than disappoint we thought we would expand our fleet further. We decided to start looking at various options of motorhomes but realised fairly quickly that the tried and tested Rollerteam range offers the best for our clients, large living area, ample storage, quality kitchen facilities, bike racking and a large garage area all add to motorhome experience.

We decided to plump for the Zefiro 685.  The layout of this motorhome is exceptional, it offers great accommodation for families or for one or  two couples.  The two single beds at the rear can easily be converted into a large double but that is not the best thing about it, glance up in the lounge area and you will see a shiny button, a turn of the key and a push on the down switch and like magic another double bed is lowered from the roof. This clever design means that there is far more living area than in previous models, the result of more living area is that both bedrooms can be separated by a screen with both rooms having access to the washroom.

I for one am super excited and can’t wait to test her out.


Another Adventure Begins

This weekend saw one of our motorhomes heading for another adventure on the open road. As always the vehicle is thoroughly checked over, oils, fluids, tyre pressures, brakes and lights. As an engineer, I know the importance of preventative maintenance, if any of our vehicles needs something, it gets it.